Our Process

The mission of Eurolabor S.P is to bridge the gap between employers in Malta and talented workers from the Dominican Republic. We smoothen out the many steps involved in the international recruitment process.

Here is how we do it

Eurolabor S.P is on the ground in Malta building relationships with reputable employers offering work opportunities to foreign nationals. We work with businesses that offer fair wages, a safe working environment, and equal opportunities for career development.

Eurolabor S.P is on the ground in the Dominican Republic to find the best talent available. We have a comprehensive database of potential candidates, and we also conduct targeted outreach campaigns, including advertising on job boards and social media. Additionally, we work with local partners and organizations to tap into their networks.

Representatives of Eurolabor S.P meet potential candidates in person for an interview and to vet their background, thus providing additional reassurance to employers providing job opportunities to workers from halfway around the globe.

Once we find the right person for the right job, Eurolabor S.P serves as an intermediary and consultant for drawing up the appropriate job and salary agreements.

Having signed off on a work contract, the team at Eurolabor S.P provides all the knowledge and experience to smoothen the laborious immigration process. We work with both employer and candidate through each step, from obtaining a work permit, to applying for a work visa to enter Malta, obtaining health insurance and a police clearance certificate, and any other requirements.

Finally, when all the papers are in place, travel and accommodation arrangements are made for this new exciting chapter for workers in the Dominican Republic to be successfully placed in a rewarding job in the Mediterranean island of Malta.